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Our changing coastline

The Regional Strategy – adapting to a changing Tasmanian coastline is prepared by the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority, climate program, the Regional Climate Change Initiative.  It has been endorsed by the 10 southern Tasmanian coastal councils that have over 40% of the Tasmanian coast within their municipal boundaries.

The STCA recognises the challenges to local government in responding to climate coastal risks and the need for clear guidance and coordination on a consistent approach to support our management and responses.  Whilst the Strategy is an initiative of the STCA’s climate program, it is of relevance to all councils that share in Tasmania’s coastline and provides a starting place for our management of increasing coastal risks and hazards from climate change.

The Strategy’s coastal Principles promote transparency and consistency specific to the key roles and responsibilities of Tasmanian councils and are applied through a risk management framework. The Principles cover coastal values, public safety and private property through to the role of council and their management of coast. Importantly they are not prescriptive, enabling flexibility for councils to develop responses that suit their local coastal issues and resources.

Regional Strategy – Adapting to a changing coastline in Tasmania 2022