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Home Energy Audit Toolkit

The Home Energy Audit Toolkit can be freely borrowed by households from southern Tasmanian councils and used to understand how their homes use energy and where savings can be made.

Each HEAT contains:

  • the Power-Mate, which measures the electricity consumption of all electrical appliances with a standard 3-pin plug. It is useful for measuring the electricity consumption of appliances such as fridges, televisions, microwaves and computers when they are in use and in standby
  • an infrared radiometer to check for leaks around fridge doors. It can also be used to check the adequacy of ventilation behind the fridge/freezer, and the effectiveness of ceiling insulation
  • a stopwatch to time the flow rate of hot water from showers and taps
  • a compass that will help to identify the home’s orientation for solar aspect considerations and hot water and electricity solar panels
  • a thermometer to measure air temperature around the house, hot water systems, fridges and freezers
  • supporting instructions and information sheets including case studies of retro-fitting two ordinary Tasmanian houses.

HEAT was a joint project between the STCA’s climate program and the City of Hobart and has been extended to all Tasmanian councils

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